I previously left this topic with the open-ended question “So what now?”


What does one do in the face of a world full of people spinning around while singing Mariah Carey love songs, people who think you’re insane to not be spinning with them and crooning your favorite Mariah ballad?


And my answer to that is “Absolutely nothing.” There is nothing that must be done or worked on or understood. There is only a life to be lived without a singular worry about the who, when, where and why of dating, relationships, and marriage. My personal conceptualization of “taking dating seriously” as I was told I should took some time to form over the 2 years or so from when I was first approached with this proposition. I tried to absorb all the do’s and don’ts being thrown at me from that day forward but none of it made any sense to me. It required too much planning and forethought and calculation—it seemed like one was almost gearing up for a war in which all the single people were mercenaries out to work for themselves. But that’s not how relationships between men and women began. That’s not how the very first relationship ever came into existence.


Let’s go back to Adam and Eve for a moment—the world’s first couple. After God had created everything and Adam and allowed Adam to run around exploring the Garden of Eden and naming everything, He saw that “it was not good for man to be alone.” So what did He do? Let’s start with what he didn’t do first. He did not create a bunch of women and have them prance around while Adam got to sit around and pick one. No, His plan was perfect.


He took Adam and put him into a deep sleep (basically, He knocked him out.) He took one of his ribs and formed a woman, Eve, and when Adam woke up He took her by the hand and placed them together.


There are a few things to be picked out here. First, Adam did not run around frantically searching for someone. Instead, God saw that he needed companionship and decided to give it to him at the exact time in which he needed it (in Adam’s case it was around the time he ran out of things to name.) Then He created for Adam a perfect companion to complement him, drawn partially from his own being. Neither Adam nor Eve had anything to do with it.


Thousands of years have passed and God is no longer knocking out men so He can create perfect companions for them out of their ribs (although I’m sure there are those who would prefer it still worked this way.) But the principles of living a life without a worry or a care over this issue can still be taken and applied. There is no need to wage World War III of the Singles Trying to Find a Companion. The only need there is for the individual is to continue living and learning and growing in grace and wisdom—to use the ever popular yet quite applicable cliché, to live, love, and laugh until you find Him leading you by the hand and placing you with someone else. And if it never happens, that’s cool too because you lived, loved, and laughed your way through this world.