June 2008

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow shall worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” (Matthew 6:34).

That may have been the first verse I ever memorized on my own. But I have been worrying a lot lately. Worrying about this and that and here and there. Perhaps it’s because a lot of change is going on around me, the world feels particularly shaky and uncertain, so tomorrow’s worries can’t be anticipated. My life on the other hand has been fairly straightforward lately. There are a handful of constants in and about my life that are not likely to ever change; in fact, the constant most likely to change seems like it will always be quite the same.

But yet the worry is still there like a predator looming in the shadows, waiting for the proper moment to strike. I only hope and pray that I emerge unscathed…

I just came across this article about the conditions in Egypt at the moment as they relate to the conditions in the United States–mainly or rising gas prices and shaky economy. I was born in Egypt and spent about 4 years there, so I feel compelled to follow its ups and downs…


I’ve been having a hard time keeping my spirits up most recently (I’m sure I’ll get to the reason behind it in a future post.) When I couldn’t get my mind to stop spinning with thoughts, I decided to put together a playlist that might help drown out my thoughts (in combination with the book I’m reading at the moment.) On a whim and without really thinking I titled the playlist “Solace.” So here it is… they’re not really a set of songs that bring lots of cheer but they do capture raw emotion most beautifully which can just be soothing to the weary ear.

Roll to Me – Del Amitri
Crusin’ – Gwenyth Paltrow and Huey Lewis
Southern Girl – Incubus
Saving Me – Nickelback
All Fall Down – OneRepublic
Hard To Concentrate – Red Hot Chili Peppers
World On Fire – Sarah McLachlan
Come Along With Me – Titiyo 
When You Cry I Cry – TOK    

…calmness, wisdom, peace, love, and salvation. I pray for strength and hope in the face of the bleak. I pray for friendship, true and good. I pray for my parents, brother, family and friends. I pray for you. I pray for their (and your) joy and happiness and well-being. I often pray for acceptance and understanding. I also pray for sleep because it rarely comes. I pray for forgiveness and the ability to forgive. I for miracles and I pray for faith. I pray that the day brings you much joy. I pray for no regrets. I pray for this moment because it is all I have.

I’ve really neglected this blog for a week or two now (perhaps because I may have been doing too much thinking to write) but I plan to make amends and do my very best to update it on a daily basis. Also look out for the new “Currently Listening To” feature I’m adding to posts from now on.

So adieu till we meet again, dear reader.