Today is the first day of the Coptic New Year. The Coptic Orthodox Church keeps time using a calendar called the Calendar of the Martyrs, which begins its era on August 29, 284 A.D., in commemoration of those who died for their faith during the rule of Diocletian the Roman Emperor. It is a church of unparalleled beauty and devotion, and I am ever-grateful to wake up every morning and call it my home. I highly recommend reading more about the church and its history here.

I have never been much for new year’s celebrations. The passing of one year into the next has never held my interest or fascination, so I have never really actually made any resolutions to keep or follow. Even forced to list some resoltuions because of some inane school assignment, I would whip up the drabbest of lists that included things like “exercise” and “study more.” Perhaps it is because I find years to be heavy, seemingly unconquerable periods of time, but I prefer to mark renewal and new beginnings (and new hopes) with every new dawn. If I want to improve something, then it must be done that day, if I want to take action then only this day is relevant. Tomorrow is far too uncertain and the next year is a mirage on the horizon meant to delay from taking action today because there’s always tomorrow, next week, next month, next year… We all fall into this trap, myself included. It really is very tempting to put off to tomorrow what could be done today; tomorrow somehow just looks better.

And so with that said I’m making my first ever New Year’s Resolutions, but with my own personal modification to the concept. They’re really going to be my New Day’s Resolutions, renewable each and every morning.

I resolve to rejoice always. No matter how bleak looking things may be at the moment, there is always reason to rejoice.

I resolve to ignore what the world may say of me or how it may perceive. As long as I know that I am living the Lord’s words, then all “their rules” mean nothing.

I resolve to keep my eyes always focused up on the world I belong to; all else will fade away.