I was sitting at Starbucks this evening doing some work when this young boy walked in with his mother and father. He looked like he was about 6 years old or so and he was wearing a Superman t-shirt with a cape attached to the back of it. His parents paid for their coffee and for his box of milk, which he sipped on while he bounced around the store as his parents waited for their coffee. As I watched him poke around the store, I found myself thinking “I want a cape!!!”

But really, I didn’t actually want a cape.

I’m a 22 year-old young woman, who will hopefully be an attorney in less than two years. Capes just really wouldn’t work in my wardrobe… No, what I really wanted and what my absurd thought was telegraphing was a desire to return to the simplicity and peace of childhood. A time when I could wear a cape if I wanted to. A time with less worries, less gadgets, more connection, clearer thought… I found myself hoping that this cape-wearing six-year-old was really enjoying and treasuring every moment of his childhood…

And then he pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and started chatting away on it.