Entry written and posted on Monday, March 10, 2008…


“Take Time to Realize”


I am quite certain I know what I need.


I am quite certain I know what I want.


I know what I can no longer tolerate.


I have grown in patience.


The questions have only multiplied.


“This world will never be what I expected, and if I don’t belong…”


I have never felt as powerless as I do now.


Fairy tales are weapons of mass destruction.


So are pride and secrecy.


A simple “hello” will go miles.


A smile can bridge oceans.


A cold shoulder is the equivalent of a nuclear missile.


Even when you are sitting alone in your room, your effect carries past your walls.


No man is an island, but every woman is.


To know and to reach and to have are entirely different things.


Have I made you think?




I’m amused by the fact that this entry of loosely connected thoughts still makes sense to me months after I wrote it, but not in the same way it made sense before though. It does make me think… I still know what I need and what I want, and that’s comforting. Answer those two questions and the world seems to come into focus just a bit more than before… Do you know what you need? Do you know what you want?



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