Dear Fellow Human Beings,

Please start acting like what you are. You are people, given reason, logic, and grace, not wild, savage animals driven by primal instinct. Today a Walmart worker was trampled to death as he opened the doors for Black Friday shoppers who had been waiting on line to get their precious flat screen TV’s and digital cameras for a whole $10 less than they would normally pay on any other sale day. The man was pushed down as he opened the doors and screamed in pain and agony as 200 people trampled him underfoot to get to DVDs on sale for $9. When shoppers were told the store had to shut down because of the death, they yelled at officials and continued shopping.

At least wild animals have the viable excuse of survival instinct when stampeding, but what happened today is inexcusable. Have we become so blind to what truly matters in this world that human life is worth less than a stupid DVD player? As India still deals with the painful aftermath of a heinous terror attack, a whole new shape of terrorism was manifesting itself here right at home in the US. And this time the enemy isn’t some radical terrorist cell, it is our own greed and apathy.

Others were hurt in this crazed stampede at the Walmart including a woman who is 8-months pregnant. Thankfully, she and her child are both doing fine. I suggest you read up on this story here and internalize it.

It’s time to wake up America. There are plenty who which to destroy us from without, let’s not help them by destroying ourselves from within. If the free world crumbles, it will begin with the internal fall of each and every single one of us.


A Concerned Woman